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Dulla Vaily 2019<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Dulla Vaily 2019 (HdRip)

A corrupt landowner terrorizes the local villagers, when a man decides to stand up for them all.

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Laatu 2018<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Laatu 2018 (HdRip)

It is a satirical take on a battle against government & its employees who are unwilling to work for the betterment & welfare of society. From the panchayat to the employees in electricity

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Manje Bistre 2 2019<font color='red'> (PreDvd)</font> Full Movie

Manje Bistre 2 2019 (PreDvd)

The movie follows Sukhi as he goes from India to Canada to attend his cousin, Gandas wedding - a typical big fat traditional Punjabi wedding.

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Marriage Palace 2018<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Marriage Palace 2018 (HdRip)

Marriage Palace is a Punjab movie starring B.N. Sharma and Nirmal Rishi in prominent roles. The movie also stars Anita Devgan. It is a drama directed by Sunil Thakur with Rakesh Dhawan as writer, forming part of the crew.

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Ishq Na Hove Rabba 2018<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Ishq Na Hove Rabba 2018 (HdRip)

Two guys Navjeet and Youngveer find their dream women and instantly fall in love with them. The plot takes an interesting and humorous turn when the guys create a web of lies to impress the fathers and get their approval.

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Kaka Ji 2019<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Kaka Ji 2019 (HdRip)

The story of Kaka Ji highlights the era of the 90s in Punjab when the notorious gang Kale Kachia Wale was dominant in the state. Kaka Ji is the son of royal Sardar Kartar Singh Brar falls

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