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Vadda Kalakaar 2018 hd<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Vadda Kalakaar 2018 hd (HdRip)

Vadda Kalakaar, a period drama is based on the era of Yograj Singh and Guggu Gill which had spread like a wildfire through Punjab in the 1980s. Makhan (Alfaaz) with a very laid back attitude towards life is constantly nagged by his parents. The only thing he loves is the world of movies and so does his father, much to the dismay of his mother. Things come to a standstill when Makhan is love Malki (Roopi Gill) seems to be slipping away from him. Convinced by Makhan is inability to do good in life, Malki is parents plan her wedding elsewhere. Disheartened and dejected Makhan, meets his childhood friend Kaanta, who promises to help him by making a big budget film with Makhan in the lead, but instead runs away with his money. Will Makhan be able to get back his money? Will Kaanta have a change of heart and help Makhan?

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Ranjha Refugee 2018<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Ranjha Refugee 2018 (HdRip)

After being exiled from his village, a Punjabi man discovers that he has a long lost twin brother who was raised Muslim.

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Lukan Michi 2019<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Lukan Michi 2019 (HdRip)

When the prospects of getting married to the love of his life is crushed by a long-standing family feud and a grumpy older brother who is unmarried, a youngster sets out with a scheme to solve everybody is problems. Directed by M. Hundal, Lukan Michi stars Preet Harpal and Mandy Takhar in the lead roles.

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Gangster vs State 2019 Hd<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Gangster vs State 2019 Hd (HdRip)

Gangstar vs State is a Punjabi movie starring Mantej Mann, Sunakshi Sharma, Amrit Randhawa and Hanish Rajput in prominent roles. It is an action crime drama directed by Alam Gahir.

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Saadi Marzi 2019<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Saadi Marzi 2019 (HdRip)

Saadi Marzi is a Punjabi movie starring Harby Sangha and Yograj Singh in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Ajay Chandhok with Nihal Purba as musician, forming part of the crew.

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Chandigarh amritsar chandigarh 2019<font color='red'> (HdRip)</font> Full Movie

Chandigarh amritsar chandigarh 2019 (HdRip)

A Girl from Chandigarh comes to Amritsar with the intention of rejecting a prospective groom and ends up spending the day with a Boy from Amritsar. His constant chatter exasperates her, but

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